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The drawbacks of living under a feudal society

The drawbacks of living under a feudal society. Common people in no other civilization have been subjugated the way they have been in China. This enforced subjugation for millennia under the state authorities have created a society of pliable masses, that can't even speak out their minds openly for the fear of reprisal from the state. The rulers may find these amenable masses easy to handle but it hinders the natural growth of a society. The masses grow like neat and clean bonsai plants whose roots are routinely cut to keep them from out growing the pots they are planted in. This produces miniatures of the plants. I see the Chinese society as a bonsai of people with stunted psychological growth, emotion capabilities and spiritual abilities.  It is a sorry state for human beings to be in. Almost like animals on a farm compared to animals in the wild. This is not the handiwork of just the communist regime. But even before communism was introduced in China, the people were