Zuck has lost it

Nick Clegg from the company Meta was discussing about his company's vision of the Metaverse in the global technology conference arranged by Carnegie India in New Delhi today. 
After listening to his pitch for promotion of Metaverse, he was seen advocating for governments to come up with rules and regulations for the citizen of Metaverse. 
Consider this. If you are playing a three dimensional role playing multiplayer game. The game is real for you as long as you play it. It ceases to exist for you as soon as you log off the game. If you want to do real life transactions like buying or ordering an item online while you are in your online Avatar, you would receive that item delivered to your place as you would get it on Amazon or Flipkart 

The problem with Metaverse, the way it is being promoted seems as if it has a life of its own. It assumes that real life is separate from the activities you perform on internet posing as your 3D Avatar. Mark Zuckerberg is promoting this 3D role playing platform as if it has a separate existence from your physical existence. What is that you would be doing or not be doing in a Metaverse that you can or can't do on the internet today  So why this over emphasis on separate rules and regulations for the Metaverse? 

It is almost like a child believing the game he is playing as a real world and getting obsessed by that game. Not only Mark Zuckerberg has got obsessed by the reality of his own imaginary universe, he is pushing other idiots to promote his idea of a virtual 3 dimensional universe. 
If a person starts pouring investor's money to promote to people to agree to his imagination and to support him, some stupid and greedy individuals may play along for some time. But it may not go far. Real life is not a computer game. 


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