OTG Adapters and Pen drives

Sometimes our smartphones run out of space if you have downloaded too many files than it can hold. We can transfer these files from our smartphones to our computers easily using bluetooth data transfer or by connecting a data cable between the smartphone and the computer.

If you do not have access to a computer, but you still want to make some space on your smartphone, a pen drive can be used. A normal pen drive can not be directly connected to a computer because of the USB 2 or USB 3 type connector.

You can use a separate OTG adapter to get over this incompatibility.The OTG connector has a micro USB connector at one end that can be inserted into the smartphone and a USB 2 or 3 connector (female) at the other end. You can now insert your pen drive into this connector.

Each smartphone has some settings to enable the OTG adapter/ drive. Some smartphones may automatically detect and enable the pen drive when it is inserted.

If you are buying a new pen drive, you can go for a OTG pen drive. These pen drives have two connectors (retractable). You can pull out a micro USB pin from one end, if you want to connect it to your smartphone. And after that you can press the micro usb pin and pull out the USB2 or 3 type pin from the other end and connect the pen drive to your computer.

There are also C type OTG pen drives as well as C Type OTG adapters available in case  your smartphone has a C type slot instead of a micro USB slot.

So with a little help from the OTG pen drive you can store all your files from your smartphone in a pen drive and keep your smartphone with ample free space.


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