Which pen drive should I buy ?

It is a question that will keep appearing every time you need to buy a pen drive. As time changes, the  capacity of the pen drives keep increasing and the cost starts decreasing. So it depends on the cost per GB of data storage. At present you should be able to find pen drives from 4 GB upwards to 128 GB in the market as well as online.

At this time, it is not a wise decision to buy anything below 32 GB. It will not make much of a saving if you try to buy pen drives below 32 GB. So 32 GB is the current thing today. It gives you the maximum returns on your investment.

If you go above 32 GB, the cost increases. A 64 GB pen drive will cost you almost the double of that of a 32 GB drive. So if your data storage needs are fulfilled in a 32 GB drive, then go for it.

You have several options in the pen drive. If you just want to do data transfer on your computer, then you can have a pen drive with a USB 2 interface which will cost you a little less. If your computer can handle higher data transfer then you can have a pen drive with USB 3 or higher interface.

If you need to use your pen drive both with your computer and your smartphone, you can go for a OTG pen drive. The OTG pen drives also come in two types. Micro USB and C type. You have to check which type of connector slot your smartphone has and choose the appropriate type of OTG pen drive.

It is not always necessary to buy a OTG type pen drive. You can buy a separate OTG connector and use it to transfer data from your smartphone to the normal pen drive. This can be a valid option if the OTG type of pen drive is very much expensive than a normal p[en drive of the same capacity.

So there are several choices for you to decide.


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