Economic implications of a spiritual life

The Russia Ukraine war is raging from 210 days today with no end of it in sight. The greatest war in India, the Mahabharata, it is said that lasted for 18 days. It is said that Mahabharata war left such a deep impact in the Indian mind that after 2 and a half thousand after Mahabharata, when Mahavira and Buddha appeared on the Indian scene, the entire Indian subcontinent suerged itself in the teachings of Meditation and non violence. 
We learned our lessons. And we don't forget it. The epic book Mahabharata still works as an inspiration for thinkers and scholars of every generation where they reinterpret Mahabharata events to get a deeper understanding of the events happening in the present generation. 

It is said that there is nothing in the world that Mahabharata does not have an answer for.

Let us see. What would be the resolution for the Russia Ukraine war in Mahabharata. Lack of enlightened mediators like Krishna. 
When you have a group of people in your society who are deeply spiritual, they act as a buffer between two warring groups. As enlightened people tend to remain equidistant from both the groups, all people in a conflict tend to accept their mediation. 
Even after the Mahabharata war, Indian kings took extreme precaution to avoid armed conflicts among themselves. 
India has successfully managed to retain its relative calm and peace thus allowing a protective social structure to live in peace and harmony despite being ruled by outside civilizations.
This constant stream of Rishis, sadhus, munis and yogis that were on a spiritual journey in every generation in India have acted like a buffer in the warring groups, as a gel in diverse groups, have provided with mental and spiritual solace in the times of despair. So this group of religious seekers have been the unifying factor of the civilization for millennia 
Russia and Ukraine need to invite Indian spiritual teachers in their countries to learn spiritual practices so that they can create a climate of peace and tranquility, once the war is over. 
To prevent economic losses that take place from the war, you need to have a stable and enlightened society. 


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