Musk plans a subscription based Twitter

Elon Musk in an interview at Ron Baron Conference 2022 put forward his strategy for future course of Twitter he recently acquired for 44 billion US dollars. 
He wants to generate revenue from Twitter through a subscription based model. His idea is to charge a subscription fee of 8 dollies per month to get a verified Twitter handle. He added further that he plans to provide additional premium features for the paid users of Twitter like ability to add longer videos, podcasts and also to generate ad revenues like in YouTube. 
He explained further that he will be tweaking the search algorithm of Twitter so that the paid verified users Tweets will be shown in the order of search results, thus burying the unpaid users Tweets in oblivion.
Looks like Elon Musk is trying to change the revenue structure of the internet based companies that gained steam starting from the Yahoo, Google and so on. None of these companies touched the free to use model of their services like email, web storage etc. 
I think 8 dollies a month may not look like much in the United States, but I doubt if the uses from India will respose enthusiastically.


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