Society on a sand base

I don't find a correct synonym for the Hindi saying "ret ka mahal". A closer word will be "House of cards".
The way I look at it, our society is willfully turning into a house of cards. I am referring to the Indian society. 
Traditionally Indian society opted for strong base. It always chose a firm and reliable structure and methods than temperory and shortcut methods. That is how the indian society grew through millennia alongwith the wisdom imparted by its wise from generation to generation.
In Vedic period and later social conditions were always opted to be as stable as possible, giving a certain sense of stability to the mind and peace for the social economic activities. In these relatively stable climate, people could pass through the life experiences with minimum turbulence and also find time and strength to understand higher values of life and alongwith strive for spiritual liberation. 

The spiritual journey of seekers could continue from generation to generation despite the turbulances caused by violent hoardes of invaders attacking this land and its people. There was still a psychological acceptance of these horrible events by seeking refuge in religious scriptures and teachings of saints and sages. There was still a human element to these atrocities which could be avoided either by successfully defending ones territory or by hoping the invaders could turn peaceful and stop their aggression. 
The saints and sages tried this all the way from 12 th century till now. The Bhakti movement of Kabir, Nanak, Meera all of them did not exclude anyone from getting into the path of devotion. This did bring some peace between the Hindus and Muslims at that time. 
But the way things are planning out in a global scale in the economy are sinister on a mammoth scale. What life lesson does one learn when a person as the head of a Crypto exchange company makes the investors go bankrupt in the tune of 10s of billion of dollors in a day. Even pension funds were invested in their stocks. How severely it would affect a pensioner whose funds disappear in a single day. I really think at least pensioner funds should not be invested in risky stocks. 

The current stock market based economy seems to create rapid, sudden and unexpected shocks to the people invested in them. I think it is harmful to the stability of human mind. And also not a spiritually healthy occupation. 


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